Friday, January 24, 2014

Writer's strike / Make overs

By request. Here's the other side. 





jj said...

Wowee. I gotta say, that's 25c well-spent! That's fantastic. Thanks Jeff, you spoil us.

Holly said...

Oh, thank you.

mike flugennock said...

This has got to be, bar none, the most awesome record you've ever posted here. Those old Paul Revere & The Raiders sides may have been better musically, but this... cripes, man. The writer's strike rap is a bit dated, but it still kills... and that bit around re-made movies -- jeezus, the stream of remakes and remakes of remakes should be a sure sign that Hollywood's absolutely run out of ideas.

It's like this group -- whoever the hell they were -- were reading everybody's minds. I'm as pro-union as the next good Leftie, but when I heard the news that the writers had gone on strike in Hollywood, my first honest reaction was "what? they have WRITERS?"

Fan-goddamn-TASTIC. Thanks again.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Thanks Mike.
Wow! Who knew this oddball little throw-away 45 would be such a big hit?!

I gotta keep on the lookout for more crap like this.

jj said...

Looks like there was/is an album by these guys for anyone with $3 to spare.
"this cd will rule your world". No doubts. :)

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