Friday, January 31, 2014

Rockelation beat

My girlfriends brother actually owns the Jamboree Jukebox. It looks like THIS. The whole thing is made out of plastic... It's pretty awesome. Me, all i got is the record, but it's pretty cool too.

Kid's music used to really swing!

Dig it

Rockelation beat

The jubilee jukebox jamboree jive

get it:





Anonymous said...

I see variations of those "jukeboxes" on Epay occasionally...

Rockin' Jeff said...

The only one i've ever seen is the one that i've actually seen in person. Not the most practical way to play records, but It's a pretty cool old relic.

Mellow said...

This sounds like early 1960s but not like 1973...

Anonymous said...

6/5/14 Wrote:
A correction to be made about this record that was accidentally published on you Soupy Sales' "Muck-Arty Park" thread. This record released from Ohio Art Toy company (makers of the "Etch-A-Sketch") released this 45 around 1963-73 (it sounds like it was recorded in 1963, but was probably released ten years later)was by an anonymous group (probably from Ohio),and any information about the band is unknown. It most certainly isn't Toledo's Johnny & The Hurricanes. I found this record in a Pontiac, Michigan thrift store in 1994. No Jamboree Jukebox or Jamboree Organ came with it, though.

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