Tuesday, December 17, 2013

White Christmas (3 o'clock weather report)


get it



Timmy said...

This beats the hell outta "Wild Thing"! Never hearded this befo'!
Much thanx & happy hellidays to you...

Timmy said...

Remember that old 45 of Senator Bobby's "Wild Thing"? This supposedly predates that record by years, according to this label, which bares the date of 1962.
It's also interesting because, not only does it parody Bob Dylan, who wasn't very famous yet, but it seems to predate the Simon & Garfunkel song of "Silent Night/7 O'Clock News"... THAT song didn't come out until 1966! Perhaps, this was what inspired S&G to record their rendition.
I don't know what to think... I never do. I need some strong eggnog.

Rockin' Jeff said...

I actually did the detective work on the 1962 date and the HArdly Worthit version of 'Wild thing' a few years ago, for obvious reasons.
It seems that it was the Parkway label design was copyrighted in 1962, not the actual music contained on the records which came out for the next several years... (Or something like that- I'm too lazy to re-do the research. PLEASE comment and correct me if i'm wrong about this.) So, even though it says 1962, it's actually from 1967 or so. Confusing enough for you?

Timmy said...

THAT'S just about down-right PLAGERISM, or maybe it's FALSE ADVERTISING. Or perhaps LYING! And, yes, it IS confusing... Let's call a lawyer & sue the pants off the record label...

KL from NYC said...

Rockin' Jeff is correct:
The original owner of Cameo-Parkway was the fanatic who copyrighted the label designs.
The dates on the C/P labels don't reflect the year the record was issued.
There was no real copyright for recordings until the early 1970s.

Anonymous said...

RobGems.ca Wrote:
The record was released in 1966;Cameo-Parkwaywas on the verge of changing label designs, and had some old 1962 labels in stock to issue on first stock pressings of this record. Second pressings appeared on the then-new orange/yellow "CP" logo label.The A-side of this record, "Mellow Yellow" reached #99 on Billboard's Hot 100 and Cash box's Hot 100 at #87.Group member Dennis Wholey can still be seen around here in the state of Michigan as a political talk show host on PBS stations.

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