Monday, December 16, 2013

Uncle Mistletoe

Mysterious record right here. Not much information to go on from the label. Part of a set that was separated from it's sleeve maybe? Who knows... Either way, dig that righteous organ sound.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, I do enjoy your posts; and thanks so much for doing them. I grew up in Chicago in the '50s, and am familiar with Uncle Mistletoe. He was created by Marshall Field & Co., as competition for Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (who was owned by Montgomery Ward). When we kids went to Fields to see Santa, the line took us through Cozy Cloud Cottage, where Uncle Mistletoe and his wife Aunt Holly lived, and hosted Santa's visit. Here's another cover of the song, by Eddy Howard & His Orchestra.
I kind of dig the Hammond and accordion version, though. That's what was hip in Chicago in those days (check out Art Van Damme sometime). All best, and Merry Christmas. Joel

Rockin' Jeff said...

Wow! Thanks Joel! I love learning the origins of odd old records like this. I never would have known otherwise. I wonder if this was a Marshall Field souvenir from one of those visits....?

Ernie said...

FYI, it's The Three Suns. The flip side is Sleigh Ride, right? My first copy of this record looked like this. I eventually found a copy of the original RCA release and it's the same. No idea if this was a bootleg or what… I think the vocalist is Texas Jim Robertson or something like that. Wait, I have a link, I think…

Anonymous said...

FYI - This is a bootleg copy of "Uncle Mistletoe" by The Three Suns.

KL from NYC said...

OMG, whoever thought someone would bootleg The Three Suns? (My guess is that RCA Custom didn't press these.)
What's on the other side?

All the department store chains used to have Christmas Villages to walk through (and it would eventually lead to the waiting line to see Santa). There's nothing like that in NYC anymore (and I don't know of any stores here that have a live Santa to visit), and even Macy's has cut down on its famous Christmas window displays. Volunteers of America discontinued their street corner Santas ringing bells and asking for donations. It's really not the same anymore.

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