Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Message from Santa

Here's one of those home recorded discs of a child's visit with Santa Claus. It's got a great sleeve, but unfortunately someone peeled the label off of the record itself.

The way i imagine it is that there was a booth just like there is nowadays with a guy in a red suit and a long line full of of impatient kids. Only back in these days you got a record to take home (for a price, i'm sure) instead of a Polaroid (i'm old) or whatever chintzy thing they do today.

The 'skip' at the very very end isn't a skip at all, the record ends with a locked groove. So i let it play a few times through so you, the listener, could get the full effect of the weirdness... I'm assuming that these were hastily recorded, and well, shit happens. What a way to end an otherwise mediocre recording though... Santa will creepily laugh at you until you fall asleep... Sweet dreams!

If young Margaret of Foster avenue is still with us, she'd be in her early 60s now.

DivShare (my usual onscreen player) is on the blink at the moment. Until they get their shit together and fix whatever it is that they have to fix, i'll be using this freebie one.




jj said...

That's quite lovely, and a treasure. It's like archaeology here sometimes! I love those weird snippets of sound from the past. Happy Christmas Margaret, wherever you are.

KL from NYC said...

I feel sorry for all those Santas who had to do this stuff, day in and day out, for minimum wage. Her "Daddy" was still at work, so this one was done before 5 pm, but who knows how many kids he'd had to deal with before he got to Margaret.

Here in NYC, The Volunteers of America gave up on their Santa bell-ringers (they didn't generate enough holiday revenue), and many of the larger department stores no longer have a Santa (not enough interest). The main Macy's on 34th Street (the one featured in Miracle on 34th Street) still advertises their "Believe" mail box to mail letters to Santa, but most of the kids who can read and write would probably prefer to text him a list. Very sad.

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