Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas song

Nifty little 4 song 7" e.p. by a band (who's name shall remain unmentioned) that we all know and love... It says on the sleeve that one of these four tunes is from their 'Stand Up' album, but nothing about the other three. Not sure what form (other than this) they were released in. I'm not the biggest fan of the group so i don't know, but they were probably issued in a box set or some b-sides collection or something...

Sadly, the song 'Pan Dance' on my copy skips pretty badly, so i omitted it. There's a defect in the vinyl. A little bubble that there's just no getting around. It's bad... Pisses me off too because i just picked this one up a few months ago, and spent real money on it even. Six whole dollars. That's a buck and a half a song! Ahh well. If a record has to have a skip in it, i suppose the best place for it would be in the noodling instrumental filler track... So there's that anyway.

Also- Let Christmas song play all the way to the very very end, you'll be glad you did.

I didn't separate the tracks on the good side. So: Two files = three tunes. Dig?

Christmas song

Ring out

side one

side two



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