Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Celebration

I see this one pretty much every time i go shopping for 45s in close out bins. On at least three variations in the label design.

This past year when i decided that spring and summer was the best time to start collecting shitty christmas records (and it was), i picked up three copies of 'Christmas Celebration' on three separate occasions. With the hopes of bringing you, dear listener, the best sounding copy... And here, is the best sounding one (that i found) of the three. Don't get too excited people, high fidelity this aint... But i've posted much worse.


get it



Anonymous said...

You are very severe: I like this one very much !
Thanks for sharing !
Ravel,Montreal, Quebec

Rockin' Jeff said...

I like this one too! I'm a huge fan of classic BB.
I was just saying that the sound quality was less than stellar on my copy.

KL from NYC said...

If you do a Google image search of this one, you get more than three variations of Kent record labels.
This was the Bihari Brothers last label -- they started with Modern-RPM, and had that low-fi Crown Records budget LP label. Ace Records UK bought all their master tapes, and quite a lot of them have been released on CD.

BTW, have you checked lately? It looks like they've added records under "More Golden Age Classics," and all the older downloads still work.

stu said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

12/8/14 Wrote:
Looks like the Bihari Brothers strike again with crappy-sounding vinyl from Modern Records'family of labels(remember when I once stated that it was rumored that the Biaharis placed sand in the mixing vinyl and plating to stretch out the vinyl's sure sounds like it here, like an old Crown label budget album,which they specialized in.)This label print is from 1968 just as the label was beginning to wind down. Saul Biahari died two years earlier, so the remaining three brothers in the family just continued to play the string of issuing cheap records on Crown Kent and United Records until they closed for good in 1972.Other Kent label designs were the black label from 1955-159 with silver print, the grey label with black print used from 1959-65, the black label with an oval logo on top used from 1965-68, the red & white label from 1968-70 used here in the photo, and finally, a multicolored green/purple hexagon logo label used from 1970-72.This single was probably on at least four of these label designs. This song sounds good in spite of the lousy sound quality of the vinyl surface (you can believe or not believe in sand-in-the vinyl rumors if you will; record collector Mike Callahan at Both Sides Now label design blog tends to believe so.)

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