Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You could have been a lady

I think 70s Canadian cock-rock might be my new favorite kind of music. Check out that triple lead guitar attack in the fade out. It's wicked, eh!


get it




tut said...

oh boy i thought i left these guys behind in high school..they played our high school.
little known fact is jerry mcrohan went to my high school as well.he changed his name to edmonton as did his brother dennis. dennis wrote born to be wild, jerry drummed with steppenwolf.their parents ran a dance hall pavilion on the lake in our hometown. Early 60`s they were part of Jack London and the sparrows, jack london is a real estate agent here now under his real name dave marden.
thanks for the memories .

Rockin' Jeff said...

This stuff is so cool.
I've been on a bit of a Canadian rock kick lately. I just discovered Moxy too. They're like Canada's AC/DC. Now i need to actually find a copy of one of their records...

tut said...

actually a couple guys from moxy are also from my hometown of oshawa.

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