Monday, November 18, 2013

Mike and the hound dogs

Maybe i'm  a glutton for punishment, but i actually like hearing these bad cover versions. When i found this one, i knew it was going to be a winner.
Can you judge a record by it's cover? In this case- Yes.
It's perfect.


Side one

Side two

side one

side two



KL from NYC said...

There's probably a story about how you wound up with a German budget EP.
There's a cartoonist in Berlin who likes to post these and other German cover-version labels here:

BTW, is the moving graphic of the girl wiggling at the jukebox from one of the AIP beach party movies?

Mellow said...

"Do It Again" is quite enoyable, I think. Possibly because it's a Beach Boys song.

Timmy said...

Finally. For a while there, I thought maybe you had lost it... THIS IS great! More of these's cover turds, please's.

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