Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm cracking up over you

I found a bunch of pre-rock and roll-rockers at an estate sale this past summer. Some cool jump blues stuff i'd never heard before. I picked out maybe 40 45s from the massive collection. When i asked how much the records were, i was told that they were $3.00 each!!! Seriously?! You should have SEEN the amount of 45s in grandma and grandpa's basement. There were boxes stacked on top of boxes. LPs too. Thousands of records. (And, believe me, i went through every damn one of em.) They should have been 3 for a buck... I like to haggle, and the woman i talked to was nice, so i offered a dollar each for what i had picked out. When all was said and done, I ended up talking her down to 30 bucks for about 40 records.

Estate sales are weird. Especially this one. The place was like a scene out of an old movie. EVERYTHING in the house was 40 years or older. My girl had a field day with grandma's old clothes. It's like they just stopped collecting records (and pretty much everything else) in the 1960s. The only music they had was from this era...
Dead people's stuff... What do they care- I suppose they can't bring it with them...

Anyway- Here's some old BB.

get it



Mellow said...

Some BB King is always nice.

Rockin' Jeff said...

True statement right there.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fab sale. Old stuff is good.

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