Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Great big friendly town Chicago

We'll conclude Chicago week with a tune by my favorite singing grandma, Dora Hall. "Great big friendly town Chicago" is one of about a zillion 45s she made in the 60s and 70s that nobody ever heard... Here's a LINK to check out if you want to read more about Dora and her "singing career." (I'd recommend it. It's a quick, funny, and informative read.)


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jj said...

Dora Hall! Yeah!

Rockin' Jeff said...

She's the greatest!

KL from NYC said...

This one isn't even listed on her official "discography" -- and they went all out on this 45: special label and matching picture sleeve. ... and they actually list songwriter & producer credits (HB Barnum again)!
At one period in the '60s, She must have had more 45s in distribution than Elvis. And people DID listen to them -- they may have thrown them into the garbage afterward, but her 45s got played, a thousands of people joined her fan club.
Some of those freebie 45s were first released on a Dot LP (don't ask me how that happened; her husband probably paid for that, too).
I managed to get a mint-condition "Dora Hall Sings Top Teen Hits" LP for $8, which has most of the pop 45 sides that were issued (and re-issued) on Calamo, Reinbeau, etc.
What a character she must have been.
Thanks for this one.

Rockin' Jeff said...
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Rockin' Jeff said...

I actually found another one of her records the other day. A single from her "Imagine That" special. A tune called "Mr Boogie Woogie."
It''s so bad. It's brilliant.

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