Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chicago, my home town

Chicago is a vocal and outspoken town, and from what i've come to understand, the folks here always have been. I think it might be time for another batch of records celebrating that fact.

For the next week (or so) it's nothing but Chicago songs here at ye olde Junk shoppe juke box.

Let's get it going with this gem.
Chicago Chicago, That's my home town!





Timmy said...

Coolio. I haven't heard this one before, but there were many of these same melody songs about many cities, that went out to all major radio markets across America. Almost the same wordage, but tweeked to match each particular town.

Rockin' Jeff said...

I read somewhere that there are upwards of 100 versions. All sung by the same singer! I've managed to collect mp3s of about 30 of them.

These are pretty cool. I also own "Quincy, my home town" Which is a city near Springfield,Il.

KL from NYC said...

Thanks. Not bad.
You have about 30 different versions?

Rockin' Jeff said...

I only actually own two: "Quincy Illinois," and this one. Through the wonders of the internet i have managed to collect MP3s of about 30 other versions. Physical copies of the 45s are fetching real money (10, 15 bucks) on ebay. I'm too cheap to pay that kind of dough, so i'll keep searching the thrift stores and bargain bins... They are out there though- i paid one dollar for this one.

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