Saturday, October 26, 2013

2000 LB. Werewolf

I shouldn't need to tell any Junk Shop Juke Box visitors how great the Norton records label is, but just in case there is a rock and roll fan out there in internetland who just woke up from a 30 year coma- Norton Records is the coolest! Check out their Website and order everything you can afford.

It's been a full year since the storm, the flood, and the clean-up effort- and they are still offering the "Hurricane Sandy Survivor Pack." For 20 bucks you get a randomly selected pack of ten 45s from their massive catalog, which were rescued from the disaster. They've been cleaned and stripped of their picture sleeves, all you need is the music anyway...

I got a ton of cool stuff: Esquerita, The Sonics, Roy Orbison, and Arthur Lee 45s to name a few... If you like records, and have 20 bucks to spare, order this right away. You WILL NOT be disappointed when that package arrives in your mailbox, i guarantee you that. (No- I'm not a shill for Norton or anything, i just really dig who they are and what they do.)

Just in time for Halloween week, today's selection is one of the records i got from my Norton HSSP purchase. I don't know anything about The Neandrethals, and probably never would have heard this 1:36 of garage rock awesomeness if i hadn't taken a chance...


Get it


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