Monday, September 23, 2013

Thanks a lot

Junk shop juke box pledge drive was a huge success!

Thanks to all the kind folks mentioned in the last post who donated, and also to: Seth, Joanne, John, and Kevin for their donations since. It was so cool seeing all the one, two, three, five dollar, and even a ten dollar donations, come in. You guys nickel and dimed me to just a little bit over my $40 goal... For that, i say thank you. It's nice to know that folks are out there listening, and because of your generosity i'll keep sharing my dirty old 45s for another year,

Here's a sarcastic thank you song, sincerely from me... Thanks a lot.

thanks a lot




Mellow said...

I'm sorry that I did not donate a dollar or two, I just overlooked it this year. Thanks for the great 45s you put on here, especially for this one!

Rockin' Jeff said...

No problemo. As a long time follower, and frequent commenter, it's thanks enough.

JJ said...

Glad the fundraiser has been a success. Y'know the smaller the individual contributions the more folks get to join in! ;)
Here's to another great year of scratchy records. Thanks for all your work Jeff. Rock on.

Timmy said...

Good song.
A LOT...

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