Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm Broke

As you all know, It's pledge week here at Junk Shop Juke Box. Yesterday's post will give you the whole long winded spiel- The short version is that Rockin Jeff needs your support to keep this thing alive for another year.

You might be thinking to yourself, you're thinking: What can i possibly do to help this stranger on the internet that happens to have awesome taste in music and a killer record collection to back it up?! Well i have an answer for you. You, kind stranger, can donate a dollar or two to this worthy cause. Your generous donation will help keep the Junk Shop Juke Box spinning the scratchiest, dirtiest, poor taste-ist, thrift storiest 45s you another whole year. The cost to you? A dollar or two and a few moments of your time...

Where does my money go? Is probably your next thought... Good question.
Your generous contribution will help to pay the yearly fee to DivShare, the online hosting site that stores all the music featured here. Once i hit my $40.00 goal, I'll end the pledge drive.

Thank you in advance for your continued support. And, if you can, consider throwing a buck in the tip jar. As always, Enjoy the music!

get it

Oh yeah- Donations may be sent to: haywood.jablome[at]rocketmail[dot]com




Timmy said...

maybe I'm stupid. well, OK, I AM STUPID. But when I click any of these donation links you have here, it takes me to my paypal account page. So how do I donate? Don't I need some sending info to send it to?
Gee wizz, how do all the other guys do it?

Rockin' Jeff said...

Oh yea. Derp! I forgot to include my email address. I guess i aint so bright either sometimes. Thanks for trying....

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