Friday, August 16, 2013

Too many rats

Private press 45 that i picked up for 50 cents the other day... Nothin but a couple kick ass hard drivin heavy rock tunes, played the way only a couple black dudes could play them--
Fucking amazing is how.
I'm guessing mid to late 80s...

In my poking round the intertubes, i learned that these guys are still at it. Still playing locally in and around the Chicago area. They have a facebook page and everything... Who knew? I might have to take in a Juzt Nutz gig sometime... Until then, we'll just dig on these two tunes.



Electrified lady




Holly said...

Cool find!

Rockin' Jeff said...

I thought so too. I love finding this kind of forgotten local bar-band stuff. Especially when it actually kind of rocks.

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