Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drag em off the interstate, sock it to em J.P. blues

Dig the deep baritone on this guy. I'd love to hear him talk.


drag em off



Timmy said...

This dude has been at the top of my vocalists list for decades... My favourite number by him is "A Tombstone Every Mile". I'll send it to ya! Email me, or leave yours here.

Rockin' Jeff said...

I actually have that whole LP. One of my faves too.

I lived in Boston up until 2007, and had a friend who knew his grand daughter. At least he said he did anyway- I don't remember ever meeting her myself... Mr. Curless was from Maine (the 'south of the north' as we call it,) so it seemed feasable.

What a voice though! Man, i'll bet the guy just FILLED the room with it wherever he went.

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