Thursday, August 22, 2013


Promotional 45 from 1972 selling the "Triumphant return of Chickenman" to radio stations.
Each side of the record is a typical sales pitch- 'Buy our product, and it'll make you loads of money...'  They are both over 7 minutes long, so i just included the two sample episodes, which are two and a half, and one and a half minutes each. The whole things available through the last link there.

HERE'S a little detailed info on the Chickenman series.

Sample episode:

Weekend special:

sample episode

weekend special

Both sides totally uncut, both episodes, and label scans HERE.




Holly said...

Oh, you rock ;-)

Rockin' Jeff said...

Ha! Yeah, i try.

Timmy said...

Yes, Chickenman was hilarious... I have an old LP of it. Also several episodes from radio. Thanx........

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