Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beautician Blues

I don't know why he's got the blues, sounds to me like he's got it made... These old Kent B.B. sides are some of the best electric guitar sounds ever etched into vinyl. The 'sizzlin bacon' only adds to it if you ask me.


get some



Anonymous said...

RobGems.Ca Wrote:
That "sizzling bacon" sound could be the rumored sand mixed into the vinyl surface. The El-Cheapo Bahari Brothers at Crown/Modern/ Kent Records were accused by rumors that they mixed sand in their vinyls, along with ashes from unsold records and labels to give the records that distinctive "worn out even when purchased when new" sound.

Bill said...

Oh yeah. Imagine that on the juke box at the diner... Totally supercool, or hot, or both.

Rockin' Jeff said...

SAND?! SAND?! Ground-up recycled old records is not unheard of. You see it once in a great while- a tiny speck of paper embedded into the playing surface. It actually makes a lot of sense as far as saving money is concerned.
All of my Kent BB 45s have the sizzlin bacon sound. I always just thought it was because they were more than 50 years old and purchased for pocket change... Maybe a little of that and the sand in the vinyl...... SAND...

Anonymous said...

8/19/13 Wrote:
It was only been rumored that the Crown/United/Kent vinyls may have had sand mixed into the final solution. This was a rumor claimed by record collector/record label discographer Mike Callahan on his blog site titled "Both Sides Now" or B.Snubs for short. Callahan reported in his blog that the Bahari Brothers had their Modern Recording records located at the time in Hollywood, then later Culver City California had started out around 1945 making top quality 78's 45's & later 10 & 12-inch vinyl records until 1957, when they used the Crown imprint to press up really cheap vinyls, and sand was rumored to be among the ingredients mixed in their vinyl making solution, which gave brand-spanking new Crown Records (as well as on subsidiary labels such as Kent & Custom Records) that distinctive "worn out sound", or "sizzling bacon" sound you describe. This tactic continued until 1972, when Crown Records finally went under. Of course the sand in the vinyl statement by Callahan was just a rumor...Those Crown records were not to be sold at an original retail price of 99 cents-$1.99 at your average Woolworth's or Ben Franklin Stores during the 1960's. Your millage may vary to guessing what causes that worn out sound on many Crown/Kent/Custom releases from 1957-72.

Mellow said...

You're right, King's Kent sides are awesome. Just got me "You're Gonna Miss Me" which you posted some time ago. My copy also has that rough sound to it, seems all of his Kent records have it.

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