Thursday, May 2, 2013

Heileman's beer song

Fount this relic at the record show a couple few weeks ago. At some point, someone was trying to get $2.00 for it (which i would have gladly paid.) Luckily for me it was in the cheapo, stacked underneath the table of 'real records' boxes. When all was said and done, i think i gave the guy 25 bucks for more than 60 45s, including this one... Good deal. The sleeve is a little trashed, but you get what you pay for. Nearly 60 years old, it's a miracle the sleeve is still with the record at all.


get it



Mellow said...

Nice record, though I do not understand much from the German lyrics, the accent is too heavy but always great to hear them sing in German!

Bingo said...

Hi Jeff, I just wanted to SHOUT OUT! Found your blog here yesterday and I've done NO work at ALL since then... ;) ...just been sitting here grooving to all the weird and (many) wonderful old records. What a cornucopia of delights, what a treasure trove of... treasures! It's like a big playroom of surprises and cool stuff. Thanks so much for all this sharing. Long may you distract us from the mundane. All the best.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Hi Bingo!
Comments like yours are what make me happy to keep doing what i'm doing. Glad you like what you hear. I try to get in four posts or so a week, so come on back. I'll be here a while...

RadioWizard said...

Jeff...that record could be worth something to beer ephemera collectors. Yeah, the song is kinda fun. Thanks for posting.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Sure. It might be worth a few bucks, but i'm a collector not a dealer... As long as i occupy a space in the physical world, it's mine. Let them deal with my collection when i'm gone.

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