Sunday, May 19, 2013

Habitual Sex Offenders

They're having a half price blowout at one of my local record shops, so i picked up a bunch of crappy 90s punk 45s last week. Most of them had already been marked down, so at 50 cents to a buck each i could afford to take a few chances.

The Habitual Sex Offenders was the funniest band name of the bunch, the cream of the crop if you will. It turned out to be a pretty decent trio of sloppily played and poorly produced punk rock tunes too. I'm digging this one quite a bit. This is the kind of shit i would have listened to when i was in high school. Some things never change i guess...


Diesel Dyke

Satan worshipper / Ed's got a high sperm count





Anonymous said...

I think the figure on the right of the cover is a swipe from the Black Market Clash jacket.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Holy crap! You're right. I didn't catch that. Good eye.

And of course "tres homiez" is a nod to ZZ Top's "tres hombres."

Anonymous said...

Rockin Jeff is 2 for 2, glad you enjoyed the record, I think the recording cost us $300


Rockin' Jeff said...

Holy Shit!
The only thing i love more than shitty old punk 45s like this is hearing from the people who made them...
So cool. Truth is- i actually really dig this record. 20 whatever years after the fact, it's still pretty good.......

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, we played our first show in 17 years at SXSW this past year!

Mike D

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