Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wife Beater

Since i like to feature an eclectic mix of different sounds from day to day, i decided i'd feature a record that I, your virtual DJ, was actually a part of. It's been three-plus years of showcasing other peoples records on the old Junk Shop Juke Box- It's high time i shared one of my own.

Brace yourselves people- This is punk rock. Loud, fast, horribly produced, and thoroughly obnoxious. Hang around and enjoy all three tracks.

The band was a power-trio. I played guitar. The bassist sang the first and the third songs- and that's yours truly (Me) singing lead vocals on the second: "Spraypaint." I'm still very proud of this performance, even after all these years. Maybe even more so now than i was at the time. I'll never suck this good again.

It ain't Dylan that's for damn sure, but it was my life at the time.
(Wouldn't my momma be proud.)

"Got me a can of red spray paint, i'm not gonna paint my bike
With that can of red spray paint, i'm just gonna vandalize
I'm gonna get fucked up and spray paint all over the church.
Now i got a six pack of cheap beer, gonna drink until i puke
yeah i'm almost outta spray paint what the fuck am i gonna do..
Now i am fucked up and they can see my masterpiece."

Released in the summer of 1995, this record goes back about 18 years now.
Wife Beater had one side of this 45, and our good friends, a band called SORRY EXCUSE, had the flip. We recorded all three songs in a matter of hours on a four-track cassette machine in the bass players basement/studio/party room (which is also where i lived at the time) and released it ourselves. 500 copies. 100 on blue vinyl, and 400 on black. Typical punk rock DIY release. Not that you'd actually want to, but good luck trying to find a copy now. I personally have one of each, and that's it...

It did have a picture sleeve, but i didn't bother to scan it. Like Aerosmith once said: 'Let the music do the talking.' If anyone out there in internet-land really actually needs a copy of the sleeve, let me know and i'll throw it on the scanner for you... Otherwise, just enjoy the noise.

Here's the whole side. Three songs in five minutes.
Punk rock till you puke!

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Mellow said...


Rockin' Jeff said...

Glad somebody liked that...
I'm just shy of 40 years old, and can only wish to be in a band this cool again...

Andy said...

Never too late, Fej. Oh, and please don;t post the flip.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Wouldn't dream of it Andy!

Mellow said...

A couple of friends of mine used to play in a similar band. This three or four years ago. The never did much except appearing a couple of times on local shows. One of them is studying now.

Rez said...

Is this the same Wifebeater that was on the "Oh The Humanity" Nashville compilation CD?

Rockin' Jeff said...

Never heard of it. It aint us.
Is it any good?

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