Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soul Groove

Credited to Andre Williams, but clearly it's just his backing band since there are no vocals.
Does Andre play guitar or some other instrument that i was unaware of? I always thought he was a stand alone singer and nothing else...

Either way- dig this instrumental groove.

get it




Anonymous said...

Just a thought: I think Andre & Andy are 2 separate persons.
I've seen this Andre somewhere, but can't say more... because I don't know more. :-)
Ravel, Montreal, Quebec

Mr.Eliminator said...

Lotsa interesting 45s on your blog. Andre is my favorite R&B/Garage artist. Saw him few times here in Belgrade. The best show was when he played Silky tour with Green Hornet. Here are another rare Andre 60's stuff. Dig!

Rockin' Jeff said...

Right on. Thanks!

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