Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beatle Flying Saucer

This day in rock and roll history-
February 9th, 1964. The fab four made their first appearance in the United States of America. They appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. An estimated "Two fifths of the entire American population" tuned in to watch their performance.

To celebrate the occasion, let's have a half-assed Beatle related novelty record.

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RadioWizard said...

Interesting little recording. Not exactly Buchannan and Goodman...but still different. Thanks for putting it in the public's eye...

John W. Allen (aka: Johnny York) said...

HI, my name is John W. Allen, also known as Johnny York. I recorded the record, Mighty the Squirrel Meets the Beables Part one and Part two in the Spring-early summer of 1964, Just before Ed Solomon made his record. There is a free download of both sides at my website and a magazine article telling how I came to make the record. I thought that you might like to post it here on your page free for all who are interested. It is much better than the Ed Solomon record. I just last year got side one on the You Tube but have a probable uploading side two to the You Tube site. The Colored article features me at 22-years old in Chicago because I looked a lot like Paul on the Introducing the Beatles 1st album on VJ Records. I was a recording engineer and just rented a studio in Chicago. Check this site out it if allows the URL to the page for free downloads of the record and features the photos and mag article also all free. John W. Allen (aka: Johnny York).
Have a nice day. I want to join this site in a second. Thanks for being here. I just turned 71 and am beginning to put items on the web.

Rockin' Jeff said...


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