Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inflation in the nation

I like the Dickie Goodman break-in records of this era because they usually have an interesting instrumental track on the flip. Some of these b-sides are better than others, but they always sound like they weren't very well rehearsed, and were recorded in a hurry. They just needed something to slap on the flip side. It's a little sloppy? So what, no one's ever going to listen to it anyway...  We're paying these guys... That's good enough. Off to the presses!

Inflation in the nation is the classic Dickie Goodman break-in record. The narrator leads the listener through snippets of popular songs of the day which help tell the 'story.'

Jon and Jed's theme is the instrumental. I'd highly recommend sticking around and giving it a listen. It'll be two minutes of your life well spent. Dig that wild organ...

Inflation in the nation

Jon and Jed's theme





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