Friday, January 18, 2013

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Personally, i've been a fan of "Oldies" music for a long time. Like forever. And while nobody has heard everything, i like to think that i have a broader knowledge of the forgotten music of yesteryear than your average schmoe. That's why it blows my mind when i can still find a record, which hit #6 on the Billboard chart in 1959, that i have never heard before... 

I like to take chances on cheapo records- "The Safaris, with the Phantom's band" sounded promising. It's a pretty cool song too. The 'clock ticking' woodblock sounds are great.


get it



KL from NYC said...

Thanks for the label scan -- I have NEVER seen one on the original label.
The radio Oldies DJs usually play this one very late at night, if at all.
Collectables Records stuck it on the B-side of one of their back-to-back hits 45s.
And Ace UK re-issued it on CD from a master tape, probably on their American Rock & Roll CD series (can't remember which volume, but it's there somewhere).
This has been one of my favorites. I agree with your comments on the ticking clock intro, but the Wop-Wop-Wop-Wop-Wop-Wop background doo-wops really kill it.

If you like this one, keep an eye out for Kenneth Rogers "That Crazy Feelin'" on Carlton (written and produced by Ray Doggett). It's worth bucks now after people found out that Kenneth Rogers became Kenny Rogers (it's his first solo single produced in Texas).
[I managed to get an affordable copy of it and I'll send it to you if you'd like.]

KL from NYC said...

I meant I'd send you an mp3 w label scan (I was typing too fast).

Timmy said...

I still remember when Wolfman Jack played this one & I heard it for the first time, many decades ago.....

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