Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa Claus wants some lovin

Ol Albert kinda sounds like Chef from South Park on this one. Lyrically, this tune is exactly what you're hoping it's going to be, and then some.

You're welcome!

get some




KL from NYC said...

Not bad.
Now I have to look for a Stax Xmas comp to see if it was released on CD.

BTW: Y'know it's a good thing I follow your blog and discovered that I can go to Google Dashboard to find you because I keep mis-remembering the name of your blog -- "Bebopalubop -- uh, no. Whambamalu... uh, not that either..."
I used to just give up and try to find your Kiddie Record blog and look for the link to work my way back to this one.
I hope that's a holiday laugh for you.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Guh- Yeah, i know. i chose my name before i really figured out what i wanted to do with the blog. By the time i settled in on the 'one side of a 45 a day' bit, it was too late to start over... Now there are just under four years of archives, so i'm kinda stuck with it. I always just tell people to google 'Junk shop juke box.' It's the first result that comes up...

Glad yer digging the tunes.

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