Saturday, December 1, 2012

It kinda looks like christmas

I've been collecting them all year, and I now have 16 "new" Christmas themed records that have not been featured here on the Junk Shop Juke Box in years past. Those 16, a few reposts from the archives, and a few missed days here and there (Hey- i have a life outside of the interwebs) should get us right up to the holiday proper.

I got good stuff queued up. Some you've no-doubt heard before, and some odd-ball tunes that you might not have heard already.

Stay tuned. It's going to be a fun month.

Let's kick it off with The Royal Guardsmen, shall we.


get it



tut said...

cool yule! thanks looking forward to hearing your new acquisitions!

KL from NYC said...

This is on the LP which was re-issued on several budget labels after the first Laurie issue (I found it on Mistletoe/Springboard).
If I remember correctly, the song is mixed in with a story and you have to edit it to isolate the song.

It would be a nicer tune if they'd arranged it in a key that the group could sing in. They barely hit the notes on this one.

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