Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas radio spots

I bought these LPs about a decade ago for a CD project i did. Just a little compilation of Christmas music i handed out to friends and family one year. Of course i still own the records, so i figured i'd dig em out, dust em off, and share some selections here on the ole blog-o-nets.
Tis the season after all...

They were both released by the big record label who's initials are W.B. and featured the top acts of the day. The day being 1987 and 1988. Both records mostly feature hokey lame-ass christmas standards.  Basically, I just bought them for the radio christmas greetings ("Hi, this is so-and-so pop singer wishing you a merry christmas") and The Ramones.

I recorded most of the radio spots. A dozen of them anyway. I skipped the really super short (like 7 seconds short) ones, and threw in the (as annoying as she was) Julie Brown "comedy" bits as well... I guess these records were originally for radio station use only. In the notes on the covers it lists cues as to when each track begins and ends. The fact that they are on red and green vinyl is a nice touch as well.

Completists can find both of these albums in their entirety elsewhere on the interwebs, because i didn't bother recording all six sides.
Again, these are the radio greetings only- not music.

Get em while the gettins good: HERE. This is a new link, and it actually works...

Here are a few samples:

Pee Wee Herman

ZZ Top




Wait! Wait! Listen to this... said...

Well, thank you for trying, anyway. As of 05:40 on the 18th it looks like the link's already been hashed.

Nice to hear Peewee, though!

tut said...

thank you junk shop and merry christmas to you as well!

Timmy said...

Shit, esse! Already GONE... Hey, repost, eh?

Rockin' Jeff said...

What the shit?

I'll re-up them to another file host.
Hang on....

Rockin' Jeff said...

New link is up y'all. Enjoy!

KL from NYC said...

Thanks. I doubt the entire collection is available for download anywhere on the Internet anymore except for the used copies that are being sold. (BTW, no one has had any trouble with ZippyShare yet -- "yet" should be in caps.)

Lots of rare generic radio holiday jingles here:
He'd saved many of the library records and tapes when he was working at stations years ago, so he's not just re-posting mp3s from somewhere else. I think he's in Canada, but the jingle packages are from here.

Timmy said...

Y E A H ! The new repostings are working fine... Thanx~

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