Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monster Shindig

There's your last Halloween record.
Further proof that everything on the Hanna Barberra label from this era was a winner.

Danny Hutton later went on to become one of the vocalists in Three Dog Night, and after briefly perusing his Wikipedia page, i also learned that he was the head of HBR in 1965/66.

Later this week- we're doing election coverage, Junk Shop Juke Box style. So stay tuned, i got a few odd and obscure ones queued up including old campaign records of yesteryear, from both winners and losers alike.

First, lets have this one though, shall we...

get it



Geoff Callahan, PI said...

Outstanding pop gold! Thanks for posting. This makes me think some reissue label should put together a pre-3DN Danny Hutton compilation, someone who knows what they're doing like Now Sounds or Rev-ola.

Really, really great find!

Rockin' Jeff said...

Other than this tune, i don't know any of his pre 3DN works. If his other early music is anything like this, i would definitely listen to that!

Ray said...

Danny Hutton was a major part of HBR Records in the mid 60s and had two singles, "Roses and Rainbows" (which actually made the Top 10 in Chicago on WLS in the fall of 1965) and "Big Bright Eyes" in early 1966 (cracked the local Top 20 on both WLS and WCFL, but failed to chart nationally). Monster Shindig is actually the b-side of both singles (part 1 on "Roses and Rainbows", part 2 on "Big Bright Eyes"). He also had a couple of other singles on MGM Records before he joined Three Dog Night. Most of this material was compiled on a 1969 album called "Pre-Dog Night"

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