Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello, i;m a jukebox- And i need your help.

Ladies and gents, it's that time of year again. Late September is a special time here at Junk Shop Juke Box headquarters... That's right folks, it's time for my third annual Pledge Drive.

All i'm asking is for the meager sum of forty dollars, and here's how YOU can help. See that little Pay Pal button up there in the right hand corner of the page? I'm asking YOU, dear reader/listener/downloader to consider sending a dollar or two my way. One or two measley bucks. What i am asking is not for personal gain, it is simply to purchase a one year DivShare account (my current one year subscription will expire in about a weeks time.) The price- a mere $39.99, for another whole year of my scratchy old records! Please folks, donate one dollar or two, together we'll keep this thing alive for yet another go-round.

This same DivShare account also stores the songs that appear in my Little Golden Records blog, (which if you haven't already, you ought to check out.) It's selections from my collection of vintage children's records.

When i reach my $40.00 goal i'll do a post thanking all the generous folks who donated, and call the whole thing off. I'm not a greedy man, i'm not out to make a profit here, a mere $40.00 is all i need. And YOU, dear reader, can help by donating a dollar or two to this worthy cause.

Thank you in advance for your support.
As always, Enjoy the music!

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Mellow said...

A great song, probably Kent's best. For some background info on him see:

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