Friday, March 16, 2012

Battle hymn of Lt. Calley

Not the happiest song that you're gonna hear today, but hey, an anniversary is an anniversary. I don't make the rules around here.

Text below taken from THIS website, which has a complete list of every record released about the Mai Lai Massacre. Believe it or not it's actually quite a few, and it seems like this one (and it's two cover versions) were the ones that inspired many of the others.

The "My Lai Massacre" was the mass murder of between 300-500 civilians in the South Vietnamese villages of My Lai and Song My by US forces on March 16, 1968, as part of the Vietnam War. The platoon leader, Second Lieutenant William Calley, was charged on September 5, 1969 for premeditated murder. The trial, which commenced on November 17, 1970, saw Calley take the line that he acted under orders and therefore was not guilty. He was convicted on March 29, 1971 for killing 22 Vietnamese civilians and sentenced to life imprisonment. The military reduced Calley's sentence to 20 years in April 1971.

44 years ago today.

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