Monday, March 19, 2012

Babysittin boogie

So i went to this record show at a hotel out in the suburbs yesterday and bought eighteen dollars worth of shitty 45s. I actually unearthed quite a few interesting sides. Found lots of polka records... At one booth while looking through the 25-for-5 dollar records, i ended up talking to this hilarious wise-ass dude. We were rapping about music and what kind of records we collect etc, and i told him i was into old odd-ball novelty weirdness, among other things. At one point he found this record and told me that i had to get it. I took his word on it, and put it in my stack. First thing i did when i got home was give it a spin, and wow... He was absolutely right, this song is just plain silly, is what it is. The crying baby sounds are too much...

This one's for John. Hopefully he'll actually check out the site.


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JohnnyDiego said...

This record was a daily play for quite awhile in my house.
My mother was a German war bride and after hearing the English language version on the radio somehow she got hold of the German copy.
I had forgotten about it until this day.

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