Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wanted, $10.000 Reward

Personally- i'll buy a couple drinks or something. Some tacos. I'll let you bum my smokes, and hell- i'll even make you coffee in the morning. I'm not cheap or anything, but $10,000 bucks is a pretty serious chunk of change for a broke-ass mofo like me...


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ana-b said...

Excellent timing. February 22 is K-Doe's birthday.

Fyi, Blogger's new dual word captcha code is can be so difficult to duplicate that I'm starting to wonder why I bother. Took me four tries to comment this time.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Get outta town! I had no idea it was his birthday today, if i knew i would have said so in the post... What are the odds..?

I should just disable that. Those ARE a pain in the ass.

ana-b said...

I figure you're psychic dude....

You can def disable the captcha code. Results may vary, but I think we get about the same amount of traffic on our blogs and I've only ever gotten maybe 5 spam far as I can tell, zero from bots.

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