Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pearl time

As any self respecting rock and roll fan already knows, in recent weeks we lost some of the great black entertainers of all time: Etta James, Jimmy Castor, (honorary black man) Johnny Otis and Don Cornelius. What with yesterdays news of Whitney Houston's untimely passing, i'm beginning to wonder why folks aren't already getting their own "Dead pools" going. Safe money would be on B.B. King or Chuck Berry if you ask me. Christ, ole Chucks got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel at this point... But me, i like to go for the long shots sometimes. My moneys on Andre Williams. For two reasons: First- He's wicked old, second- i own one of his 45s. (I own plenty of Chuck & B.B. stuff too, but we've heard it all before.) I'm not much of a gambling man so I don't have a method or a system, I just like to keep things simple and follow my gut...
Anyone got any other predictions/wagers? I'd love to hear em.

Here's Andre from 1967, way back when he was only in his early 30s.

Enjoy! And place your bets.
It's Pearl Time!

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Andy said...

Holy shit! Where'd you find this one?

Rockin' Jeff said...

Crate diggin man. At one of my local record shops. Found this and a shitload of others for a dime a piece. Not too shabby eh?

DrunkenHobo said...

Only Andre could turn the sex act of a blow Job into the name of a dance.

DrunkenHobo said...

Love the "Suck it Suck It Baby" at the end

Andy said...

"...Not too shabby eh?..."

Not too shabby at all, my man. As you know I used to be quite the crate digger myself, and I've never even SEEN a vintage Andre Williams 45. That song is great too. Could we hear the B?

Rockin' Jeff said...

DH- in 1967 even. Bold for that era.

Andy- The b side is just an instrumental jam. Credited to Andre, but absolutely no vocal on it at all. It's a pretty smooth groove, kinda has a Booker T/Bar-Kays feel to it...

I'll send you the MP3 via email.

ana-b said...

Andre's too full of piss and vinegar to ever die. Name another septuagenarian who's been kicked out of his senior housing facility for drug possession?

He turned 75 in November, that's not that old.

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