Monday, February 27, 2012

Funky Judge

The "Judge" schtick was popular with the kids for a few minutes there in 1968. Pigmeat Markham did his "Here come the judge" bit on laugh in, and it took off from there. I don't know how many records were made on the whole 'Judge' theme, but if you want my opinion Shorty Long's take is (of the ones i own and/or have heard) probably the best...

My favorite part about The Bull & The Matadors Funky Judge is at the very very end. Right before they go into the fade out. The singer says to the judge: "I'm form Alabama your honor" and the judge says something that can't really be made out, and the singer goes: "Whaaattt?! I didn't do it!" And right at that moment there is a nasty guitar or possibly microphone feedback screech. Loud. For just a half of a second, but LOUD. You gotta love in studio live recordings. It must have driven some engineer insane. It's so loud and piercing that it probably bled onto all the other tracks, but the poor bastard had no choice but to leave it on there because it was an otherwise perfect take.

Turn it up, and pay attention right at the very end:
Judge- Sho is funky!


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KL from NYC said...

In NYC, there were three on the charts at one time:
The Magistrates (aka Dovells) "Here Come The Judge," Shorty Long's "Here Comes The Judge," and Pigmeat Markham's "Here Come The Judge." And the "fad" lasted as long as the TV run of "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" (which was for about a year after they introduced that skit).

I agree that the Shorty Long single is the best of the bunch. However, the only CD issue (transferred from a vinyl copy) of SL's original 45 version was issued by K-Tel on one of their novelty compilations. Any other CDs I've come across have been stereo alt-takes or re-recordings.

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