Thursday, February 9, 2012

Condom Nation

The ole Junk Shop Juke Box must have been linked to a site where the generous music lovers of the interwebs congregate because yesterday i received not one, but two donations to my PayPal account from two different followers. (I got two random donations all year in 2011.) To these two kind individuals, i'd like to send out a sincere thank you. To everyone else, i'd like to say that donations are always welcome. Any time... Seriously.
The PayPalbutton is located in the upper right corner of the page, and no amount is too small (or too large.) The money pays the annual fee for my DivShare account as well as allowing me to occasionally splurge on ridiculous three dollar records like this- which i eventually end up passing on to you, the reader/listener. Everybody wins!

Thanks Gerald and Robert!
This ones for you.


get it



1 comment:

Holly said...

Wow. Makes me wanna hear my old Alex Chilton 'No Sex' 12in...

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