Friday, January 27, 2012

we'll take our last walk tonight

I came across this one (among others) in the 25 cent bins of my local used record shop. When i was paying for everything, the clerk spotted it and said "You found this in there?! The S.D.Q. on Tribe records?! That's a real score, i didn't know we had this... Etc." I said "Yeah, I know, right... Etc."

I'm a fan of the forgotten flip sides of the hits. So this is what we have for your listening pleasure today. The other side of S.D.Q's 'She's about a mover.'


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Andy said...

"...I said "Yeah, I know, right... Etc." ..."

Good to know you still haven't become jaded.

Anonymous said...


Rockin' Jeff said...

Yeah...I know... right?!

The record store geek and myself talked at length about this one, and he told me that it should have been in with the regular stuff and not in the cheapo bins. He said it probably would have been like a five or six buck record. (Score one for me, because i never would have bought it for that price.) He's a nice dude though, and didn't care.

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