Friday, June 10, 2011

My god, how the money rolls in

I found this gem a few weeks ago, and even though my unofficial policy here at Junk shop juke box headquarters is to not pay more than a dollar for a 45, (in most cases it's like 25 cents) i actually dropped three bucks on this one. For a record like this though, i think it was a wise decision on my part to bend the rules a bit. I'm glad i did.

Normally, if i plan on posting both songs from a record, i'll sit on the other side for a while... I just put up the FLIP SIDE the other day, and well, this one was too good to not get out there right away too. So here it is. More corny old adult novelty dirtiness for your listening displeasure.


get it



By Mark Betcher said...

My sister makes love for $1? At least she has a job! LOL!

Howdy said...

Just follow the bouncing balls! Great Stuff!! Thanks Rockin J!

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