Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Here's a local oddity for the lady of the house.

This fine selection is from Springfield's own Little Dino Strunk (6 years old). He gives us his heartwarming rendition of the Walter Strunk-penned gem "Who's eally better than mom?" Good old fashioned child exploitation at it's very finest right here. You gotta wonder what the story is on a record like this. I'm guessing it was dad's idea to give a copy to mom and probably the rest of their family/friends/community as a christmas gift, since the other side has a Christmas themed song. I'll save that one for the season which it was intended...

Considering that they can usually be had for pocket change, I almost always grab records with unique hometown labels like this when i find them. I did a google search of the address, and checked out the street view. It's just somebody's house, on a crummy side street across from the train tracks! Who knows, the Strunk family probably still live there. Little Dino is all growed up now. And it's not far from where my father-in-law lives... I love this stuff.

This one's for you ma! You're the greatest!


Now go call your mother. She wants to hear from you.

little dino




mom said...

Love you <3...yer mom

Rockin' Jeff said...

Hi mom. You're the best. Thanks for making me!

Bruce said...

Great one Jeff Thanks!!!
I Googled Dino Strunk and it seems he turned into an incredibly talented Telecaster player and as far as I could determine after playing around Illinois for awhile he moved to Branson where's he's been quite successful. Here's what he had to say in 2008 " I'm still in Branson, Missouri playing 2-3 shows a day and have been for almost 15 years now." You can see Dino playing in this you rube video
He is pretty damn good!

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