Friday, January 14, 2011


I don't even know what to say. Sometimes it's best to just let the music speak for itself.
Be sure to stick around through the first minute, you'll be glad you did.

get it


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1/16/11 Wrote:
Phil McLean was originally from Detroit, Michigan,about 40 miles from where I live (Oxford,Michigan)in the late 20's & became a disc jockey when he moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1951 at the radio station WERE (AM). Upon learning that fellow rival cleveland DJ Alan Freed was playing Rhythm & blues records at a rival Cleveland station around 1955-57, he talked his bosses at WERE to play some R&B as well as Rock & Roll discs on the WERE airwaves. It wasn't an easy task for the conservative bosses at WERE (Freed had much more pressures by these square CEOs of the radio at the time, eventually taking bribes as a result to get his point across), but McLean seemed to have little trouble with payola/bribe results at the time. His only top 40 hit as an artist/parodiest came in 1961 with the flip side of "Chicken", which was "Small Sad Sam", a parody of the late Jimnmy Dean's country/pop smash "Big Bad John",with "Chicken" destined as the obligatory non-descript B-side. The record hit #21 on the Billboard National Charts. Three more singles followed on Versatile Records, but McLean was never heard from again by the national public, except in Cleveland, where he remained a popular DJ throughout the rest of the 1960's & 70's before retiring in 1978.

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