Tuesday, December 7, 2010

santa claus

I'm not going to get too carried away with Christmas records, because, well, i don't really like Christmas music very much. I do, to quote Dr. Demento, take novelty records very seriously though. So i'll be featuring a handful of holiday and/or winter themed songs throughout the month of December. I have a few that you've probably heard before, and a few obscure numbers that maybe you haven't...

What say we kick it off over here with a little mid 60s stomp about jolly olde St Nick entitled, cleverly enough: Santa Claus.
Turn it up.

Get it

...And if you dig the more traditional Christmas music, follow THIS LINK to my other blog, where i'm posting a song a day from my collection of scratchy old vintage kids records.


John Lennon. 09/09/40 - 12/08/80 - Without him, shit woulda been different.


Andy Excuse said...

Used to play this one with Sorry Excuse.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they ripped off "Farmer John"

Rockin' Jeff said...

It's a pretty standard 60s garage riff, but yeah this one really is a Farmer John rip-off. Good call.

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