Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beer Drinking Music

Hey- whaddya know, it's my 200th post here on my little speck of the vast webernets. Here's a novel idea- To commemorate this momentous occasion, let's celebrate with a song... Shall we?

Since i dig shitty beer, and groovy obscure sounds from the 60's, hows about a combination of the two? The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song. Or UCNCBDS, as i like to call it. Yeah, i know, you can already hear this one all over the wild world of webs if you look for it, (like the history of the song on THIS WEBSITE, or this ARTICLE, among others.) Well i got a copy of it too, and i gotta do something with the damn thing, so i might as well share it with the fine folks who read and listen here... No harm in that as far as i can tell...

So crack a cold reigonal yellow-fizzy-beer-in-a-can of your choice and celebrate with me, won't you? Have a Utica Club if you can. Me, I can't get it where i'm at, so this evening i'll be enjoying a few Old Styles here in the great midwest...


The Utica Club National Beer Drinking Song:

Get it

And get the Other side too if you want it. It's just a mediocre trumpet led instrumental number, but it's there if you really feel the need to hear it.




Josh said...

im a big fan of this hobby of junkin too! cool finds

KL from NYC said...

I'd first heard this thru WFMU, but no label scan.
Thanks for both the mp3 & label scan together.
You should be able to find a picture sleeve (yeah, it had a picture sleeve - color back & front) via a Google image search.

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